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Fresh-faced parents worry and worry a lot shortly after birth. An important topic that is much discussed is baby care. “Which baby care products do I use?”, “How often can I bathe my baby?”, “What ointment do I take?” and “What else do I have to consider?” are just a few questions to which parents and perhaps you don’t know the answer. Parents want to do everything right and make sure that their darling feels completely comfortable. They don’t need so many baby care products. The initial feeling of insecurity is quite normal. With time comes the routine and you will notice for yourself what is good for your baby and what you can do without. At the beginning you can also get tips from your midwife or your pediatrician.

Less is usually more!
Babies don’t have to be bathed every day. It is enough if you wash your baby once a week with lukewarm water and a soft washcloth. Soaps and many bath additives can dry out the skin of your little one. After washing and bathing, you can cream your darling with a baby lotion in winter. Healthy baby skin does not need cream. In addition to skin care, the skin folds and the navel must also be cleaned and cared for. The hair does not need to be washed regularly. If you bathe your favorite, you can easily rinse the hair with water. Proper care also includes the correct cut of the finger and toe nails. In the baby-walz online shop you will find suitable toiletries that will help you with the care of your favorite.

Baby massage promotes mother-child relationship
Your baby loves it when you deal with it. Especially during the washing and care period you can get very close to your little one. This includes not only pure care, but also that it feels comfortable in doing so. A positive body feeling can develop your baby through a baby massage and caresses. It doesn’t matter to your little one if you do everything right. It feels your effort and security. Your darling will thank you with a smile.

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